Pak Studies Code 417 for BA /BS Complete Solution of Assignments Autumn 2013

Complete Solution of AIOU Assignment Pakistan Studies Compulsory Course Code 417 for Semester Autumn 2013. Offered by Allama Iqbal Open University in Bachelors Programs BA / BS / B.Com / BSCS etc. Usually in first and 2nd semesters. This is Complete solution of both exercises i.c First and Second Solved Assignments. Before we only uploaded object answers but now full subjective + Objective solution is updated in this post. Don’t forget to view all sub-pages from the end of this page. Let us know if you need further help.

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    Sir, I need the answer of Pak Study code 417, question no.4 of first assignmnet of autumn 2013, so please upload the answer of that question, thanks.


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      g seher ki alag keybook hai, mene wo pages sath attached kar diye howe hain, apko apni book se answers nahi mileinge, ap is post kay neche pages select karen complete answers given hain. Thank u for your comment. If you need more help in this regards do not hesitate to ask me.

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          Sorry Rehan, You have to buy a keybook of 416 for complete assignment… 🙁 you may buy it from us or from your nearest book shop, Due to limited budget and less requests we can’t upload it..:( you may ask for any other assignment.


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    assighment# dalo to wo question ny aty jo assignment pr hain ,different a jaty hain. is liye assignemnt he paste kr ra hoon.


    (Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics)


    Course: Compulsory English II (386)
    Level: Intermediate Semester: Autumn, 2013
    Total Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 40
    (Units 1–5)

    Q.1 A. In Unit 1, you were asked very basic questions such as when you received your Compulsory English – 1 study package what did you do? You were given the following three options.

    a. Kept the book somewhere and forgot about it.
    b. Started reading it from page one without looking at it as a whole.
    c. Turned a few pages, looked at the pictures, and looked at the content list or just went through the different headings to have an idea about it.

    Which of these three options did you prefer and why? Explain in 4-5 lines. (5)

    B. Read the content list given at the start of the prescribed text book Compulsory English-I 386 and write in our own words any five functions you think you will find in the book. (5)

    Example: I think the book will include……

    C. In Unit 1, we have given you a few tips to study effectively. We are sure that you have gone through them carefully. Which of the given guidelines do
    you already follow in your studies and find useful. Read them once again and write any ten in your own words in your assignment. Follow the example given below. (10)

    Example: I motivate myself to learn by setting a clear and achievable goal. If I am not motivated, I will not learn.

    Q.2 The purpose of introducing yourself to someone is to get an opportunity to know one another. Introduction helps in creating a warm and friendly environment. Suppose you are introducing yourself to your class fellows, write ten sentences containing key information about yourself. You may describe your personality, habits and hobbies, etc. Follow the example given below. (10)

    Example: Hello! I am Abdullah.
    Q.3 In Unit 3, you learnt some expressions for seeking permission such as:

    i. Could I ask you a favour
    ii. I was wondering if I could
    iii. Is it all right
    iv. Do you mind if I

    These expressions have been used, in the unit, by Khalid to seek his father’s permission to visit Abbottabad. Now if you want to attend your friend’s birthday party how would you seek permission from your mother? Write a very brief dialogue of about five exchanges of seeking and granting permission. (10)

    Q.4 What expressions would you use in the following situations to refuse permission? (10)

    Follow the example:

    i. Your friend comes to you and asks you to accompany him to the market. You are very busy.
    I’m afraid, I’m busy……..
    ii. You are the principal of your school. A teacher comes to you and asks for one day’s leave. The school has reopened after two months.
    iii. You are the head of any organization. One employee requests you for loan. There are already many names on the list.
    iv. One of your friends is in the habit of borrowing everything. One day he asks for your dress which you are planning to wear in your brother’s wedding ceremony.
    v. You are going on a picnic with your friends. One of the friends asks you for the coat which you have recently bought. You know your friend is very careless.

    Q.5 In Unit 3, you read how to guess the meaning of difficult words through context. The following passage contains some highlighted words the meaning of which we might not know but they are related to the words which almost all of us know. Read the passage two or three times and see if you can guess the meaning of those words. Write the meaning in your assignment and then use each of these words in sentences of your own. (10)


    On many occasions, all of use face situations where our personal interests and interests of other clash. This is the testing time. It mostly depends on our relationship with them. Are they close to you, people you can never think of hurting. Different people will handle the test situations differently. Some of us will safeguard our own interests and some will be more self-sacrificing, where as some might end up nowhere.

    Q.6 In Unit 3, you learnt some punctuation rules, for example, a simple sentence beings with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. Punctuate the following paragraph while keeping in mind the guidelines given in Unit 3. (10)


    Salman is a poor man he lives in a small village with his family that consists of his old mother wife three sons and two daughters he earns a very small income the main source of his income is five cows that has kept on a landowner’s farm he sells their milk and meets his daily expenses for the cows he has taken a piece of loan on lease from the landowner where he grows grass for them and some wheat from his family in this condition he cannot send his children to school for education.

    Q.7 In Unit 4, we learnt how to describe people in our daily life. When we describe a person we tell different things about his/her physical appearance, personality, temperament, habits, likes and dislike and body language, etc. following these guidelines, describe the personality of your best friend in a paragraph. (10)

    Q.8 As defined in Unit 4, an antonym is opposite of a word, for example, the antonym of big is small, or the antonym of tall is short. (5)

    Choose the correct antonyms in the following cases:

    A. The antonym of ‘found’ is
    i. lost
    ii. fail
    iii. down
    iv. beat

    B. The antonym of ‘discourage’ is
    i. allow
    ii. except
    iii. encourage
    iv. reply

    C. The antonym of ‘sleep’ is
    i. hold
    ii. sea
    iii. awake
    iv. flat

    D. The antonym of ‘rise’ is
    i. escape
    ii. proceed
    iii. exit
    iv. fall

    E. The antonym of ‘truthful’ is
    i. safe
    ii. many
    iii. public
    iv. liar

    Q.9 In Unit 5, we have explained the term run on sentence. Identify run on sentences in the following cases and then correct those sentences as well. (5)

    i. My tutor told me not to copy from internet I’m regretting not having listened to him.
    ii. My cat was upset all the day it didn’t get proper food for lunch.
    iii. The boy was talking in class everyone thought this was rude behavior.
    iv. I prefer cycling to skating though it hurts my knees.

    Q.10 As you learnt in Unit 5 skimming is a useful reading skill which enables us to: (10)

     Read faster
     Form a general idea or opinion about the text
     Save our time

    Given below is a very interesting account of an author’s purpose of writing. Skim these passages quickly and answer the questions given at the end.

    Have you ever wondered why authors write? Sometimes they are inspired to create stories. Other times they write to provide information about an interesting topic. Some authors write to convince us about something. Whatever the circumstances, authors have reasons for writing; this is called, the “author’s purpose.” The three most common types of author’s purpose are: to entertain, to inform, and to persuade.

    Think about the last time a story made you laugh, cry, or tremble with fright. These types of stories are written with a particular purpose in mind: to entertain the reader. Authors write many kinds of stories to entertain, including humorous fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, fairy tales, and fables. While fiction entertains, non-fiction has a different purpose.

    Many non-fiction writings or texts are written with the purpose of giving information about an interesting topic. Authors who write to inform must research their subject to ensure that they convey accurate information to the reader. Some examples of texts that inform are encyclopedia entries, news articles, expository non-fiction books, and interviews. All of these types of writing give information about certain topics.

    Sometimes authors write because they want to convince their readers about something. This is called argumentative, or persuasive, writing. Oftentimes, texts that are meant to persuade use specific techniques to make the reader care about the subject and to think about it in a certain way. These techniques might be found in letters to the editor, argumentative essays, or persuasive speeches. Next time you read a text, see if your can figure what the author is trying to tell you. It might be easier than you think. Just ask yourself: what is the author’s purpose?

    1. Which of the following is most likely the title of a passage in which the author’s purpose is to entertain?
    A. Why dogs are Smarter than Cats
    B. An interview with J.K. Rowling
    C. The Adventures of Waldo Wizard
    D. An Argument for Shorter Classes

    2. According to the passage, authors who write to inform want to
    A. provide information about a certain topic
    B. make the reader laugh, cry or scream
    C. Convince the reader to do something
    D. invite the reader to critique their work

    3. The author’s purpose in writing this passage is
    A. to persuade
    B. to convince
    C. to entertain
    D. to inform

    4. Based on its use in paragraph 3, it can be understood that the word convey belongs to which of the following word groups?
    A. document, chronicle, note
    B. communicate, pass on, relay
    C. hide, obscure, cover
    D. detect, locate, discover

    5. According to the passage, texts that are meant to persuade often

    A. do not get as much attention as texts that entertain or inform
    B. are very entertaining because they convince readers to laugh
    C. use specific techniques to make the reader care about the subject
    D. require a lot of research in order to ensure accuracy of information.

    (Units 6–9)
    Total Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 40

    Q.1 Complete the following statements by giving a suitable reason for not accomplishing the mentioned tasks. (10)

    i. I was unable to help you in the hour of need
    ii. She could not attend the lecture,
    iii. Saleem apologized to his friend for not coming in time,
    iv. Saira told Samreen that she could not attend her party,
    v. The aeroplane cannot take off,
    vi. The government is unable to resolve the power crises,
    vii. The police have failed to improve the situation of law and order,
    viii. The per acre agricultural yield has decreased,
    ix. Areej could not secure good marks,
    x. We cannot defeat the enemy,

    Q.2 Write two paragraphs based on a wedding ceremony you have recently attended. Use some of the cohesive linkers given below. (10)

    so, therefore, despite, even, at least, finally, first, etc.

    Q.3 What are your future goals and objectives? Mention at least five by giving suitable justifications for them. Follow the under mentioned example for guidance. (10)

    Example: I would like to be a teacher because teaching is the most respectable of all professions.

    Q.4 Imagine that you want to travel by PIA to different cities in Pakistan. Given below is PIA’s domestic flight schedule from Lahore/Islamabad to some other cities. Scan the flight schedule and then answer the questions given at the end. (10)

    LHR Lahore ISB Islamabad KHI Karachi
    QTA Quetta RYK Rahim Yar Khan SKR Sukkur
    MUL Multan

    Flight Route Destination Schedule Day & Date Schedule Time
    PIA-305 LHR-KHI Karachi Tuesday, Nov 5 18:00
    PIA-618 ISB-LHR Islamabad Tuesday, Nov 5 21:30
    PIA-685 ISB-LHR Islamabad Wednesday, Nov 6 22:00
    PIA-316 LHR-RYK Rahim Yar Khan Thursday, Nov 7 23:00
    PIA-317 LHR-KHI Karachi Friday, Nov 8 18:00
    PIA-308 ISB-LHR Karachi Saturday, Nov 9 8:30
    PIA-325 LHR-QTA Quetta Sunday, Nov 10 10:00
    PIA-619 LHR-KHI Karachi Monday, Nov 11 11:00
    PIA-396 LHR-MUL Karachi Wednesday, Nov 12 14:00
    PIA-612 LHR-SUK Sukkur Thursday, Nov 13 16:00
    PIA-611 LHR-KHI Karachi Friday, Nov 14 18:00
    PIA-628 LHR-QTA Quetta Sunday, Nov 16 18:30
    PIA-525 LHR-ISB Islamabad Sunday, Nov 16 21:30

    i. When will the plane take off from Islamabad to Karachi on Nov 9?
    ii. How many flights are available for Karachi from Islamabad?
    iii. Which flight leaves for Lahore from Sukkur?
    iv. What is the schedule of flight PIA-628?
    v. How many flights are available from Lahore to Islamabad?
    vi. How many different destinations are mentioned in the flight schedule?
    vii. What is the schedule for the flights to Quetta?
    viii. Where is the destination of flight PIA-396
    ix. Which flight will land at 23:00 and where?
    x. What is flight number and schedule time of flight from Lahore to Multan?

    Q.5 Read the following paragraph and identify the topic sentence, the concluding sentence and the supporting details. (10)

    Caused by a number of viruses, contracting cold is common among people throughout the world and there are innumerable signs, cures and precautions associated with it. Although numerous theories exist regarding how to “cure” the cold, including taking doses of vitamins C, there is a little evidence to support any of them. In case of suffering from cold, the doctors usually advise to take bed rest, plenty of fluids and aspirin for relief of pain and discomfort. These are some of the most tried and true remedies. The rule of thumb is to keep your resistance level high. Also, avoiding people with newly developed cold appears to be the best strategy, since it is mostly contagious during the first 24-hours. Depending on the nature of the symptoms and seriousness, patients need to take appropriate measures and all of us need to be especially alert during changing seasons as these are the times when cold strikes… so believe in proverb “Prevention is better than cure”!!!

    Q.6 In Unit 8 we discussed how to agree or disagree with people on different issues. Think of five such situations where one has to use polite expressions and five situations where strong expressions for disagreement are acceptable, and then write situations as well as expressions. (15)

    Q.7 Suppose you want to study the subjects/topics given below. You have the following books to consult. Can you guess from the title of the books where under mentioned topics can be found? Match the titles with the topics. (5)

    Topics Title of Books
    i. Nouns and pronouns Pronunication Skills
    ii. Varieties of Accents Writing English Language Tests
    iii. Subjective Tests Error Analysis
    iv. Kinds of Errors Developing Reading Skills
    v. Improving Reading Speed Grammar and Composition

    Q.8 Read the following paragraph, which is a part of an advertisement. Can you guess what happened next? Create the rest of the advertised story line yourself. (10)

    Rs. 100,000

    Police have decided to offer the above mentioned reward to any person who gives information leading to the identification of a serial killer named Faisal, who is wanted by the police in connection with the murder of late Amjad Nadeem, a famous politician, in Karachi, in May 2013. The neighbours of the deceased reported that………..

    Q.9 All of us have memories, good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, happy or sad. When we think about past, we feel nostalgic, which means remembering beautiful and happy past incident or events of life. Do you remember any such incidents or events which make you happy when you recall them during your free times? Write a paragraph based on such types of memories. (10)

    Q.10 Good readers try to find out what is going to happen next when they read something. This is called prediction as mentioned in Unit 9. Here are two paragraphs. Read the first sentence of each paragraph and predict what is going to follow next? Write other details, which you think can fit into this paragraph. (10)

    a. It was in the kitchen. I climbed up the steps and looked through the kitchen door: the snake was coiled up near the stove. On seeing me, the snake hissed and moved in my direction,

    b. One night, a few days after Rasheed left, I had taken my dinner and was lying down in my warm blanket, when I was suddenly awakened by the doorbell

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