AIOU B.ed Guess Papers

All aiou solved and unsolved guess papers available

AIOU Guess Papers Code 512,

Guess Papers Code 513,

Aiou Guess Papers Code 514,

Guess Papers Code 518,

Aiou Guess Papers Code 651, Old Solved Papers, Unsolved Guesspapers

AIOU Guess Papers Code 652,

 Note: Guess is Guess, Guess not a Paper


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69 thoughts on “AIOU B.ed Guess Papers

  1. sir i want to know what is the last date of submission asignment of b.ed accrodung to shudle of aiou last date is 13.04.2013but som pepol say its chng 04.04.2013

  2. sir jee i need B.ED guess papers of course code 512 ,513 , 514, 518 , 651 & 652 … plz send it as soon as posible … its humble request ..!!! thnk you …

  3. I have all old paper and guess paper of b.ed if u want to get it send me ur email id and i wil reply u soon that papers

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